About Us



Valentines started with commitment to excellence in 1993 and has never stopped evolving in order to make the customer experience even better.  Now, we can say that we have never given up that commitment while becoming a truly 21st Century company. Our extensive computer operations make us one of the most efficient companies in the industry. All database operations are performed directly by our numerous on-site sales group utilizing the newest internet technologies. We have the most comprehensive database of items available in the industry! Over 500,000 items are stored on our servers. Additionally, an online catalog is now available. Shortly, you will be able to place your orders utilizing our new ecommerce facility. Our entire sales group are actually owners of their personal accounts and therefore provide the finest and most accurate service. At Valentine, we are industry professionals. Our knowledge of the industry, pricing, machinery and various available items is unsurpassed anywhere. We look forward to servicing this industry for many years. Call (954) 800-6989 today.

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